What Sari Didn't Miss

There are so many things that Sari didn't miss because she was adopted by a Jewish family:

  • Lighting Shabbat candles with Mommy
  • Going to shul on Shabbat
  • Her own siddur and chumash
  • Davening under her Daddy's tallit
  • Singing Birkat Hamazon with her sister
  • Her brother's bar-mitzvah
  • Saying Modeh Ani
  • Eating kosher food
  • Mezuzot on the door
  • Bubbe & Zayde
  • Friday night zmirot
  • Learning the aleph-bet
  • Apples and Honey on Rosh Hashona
  • Hearing Kol Nidre
  • Wating in her Sukkah
  • Shaking a Lulov and Etrog
  • Lighting Chanuka candles
  • Playing Queen Esther
  • Mishloach manot
  • Cleaning for Pesach with Mommy
  • Asking the Four Questions
  • Finding the Afikoman
  • Eating Cheesecake on Shavuot

These are just a few of the many Jewish experiences that Sari did not miss because she was adopted by a Jewish family.  There are, however, many Jewish children in the United States who aren't as lucky.  They haven't found a Jewish family, and won't have these experiences or memories.  The Jewish Children's Adoption Network was established to help these children find an appropriate Jewish home.  Currently, an average of about a hundred children are referred to us every year, by agencies, social workers, attorneys, Rabbis and family members.