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What are our main goals?

Our primary goal is to find Jewish homes for Jewish children.  We have worked on over 2,000 cases since 1990, and charge no fees for any of our services, which include helping a birth family parent a child, locating resources for help with personal problems or coping with a child's limitations, helping an adoptive family find resources for adoption or parenting, helping families negotiate adoption subsidies, and helping biological and adoptive triad members in starting a search.

What kind of children are referred to us?

Our statistics show that of the children referred to us, fewer than 10% are "healthy" infants. The remaining 90+% include:

  • infants and children who are developmentally disabled
  • infants and children with moderate to severe physical disabilities
  • infants exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero
  • children with a family history of mental or emotional illness
  • children with severe emotional disturbances, and victims of abuse or neglect

If you would like to help a Jewish child experience his or her Jewish heritage in a warm, loving home, or if you know anyone else who might; if you know of a Jewish child in need of a home; if you need help in raising a Jewish child with disabilities of any kind; or if you are able to assist our organization financially, we would very much like to hear from you.

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